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Realm Splitting ??

What teh funck?

Da liest man so ganz nichtsahnend die neuesten "blauen" Forenpost durch und stößt ganz zufällig auf das hier

[quote]Beta Realm Split Test

We are in the process of testing a functionality that allows us to split an existing realm into two new realms. This functionality may become necessary should the total population of a realm reach maximum player capacity. During this test we plan to split the Hellfire beta realm. For further information, please read the Realm Split FAQ listed below.

If you have additional questions or concerns, please reply in this thread so we can update the FAQ accordingly.

What is a realm split?

The term realm split describes the process of taking an overpopulated realm and dividing the population between two new realms.

What will determine whether a realm will need to undergo a realm split?

As severe realm overpopulation can result in unacceptable queue times for players entering the game, the need for a realm split is determined by the extent to which a realm is overpopulated. In the event of excessive overpopulation, Blizzard will examine a number of factors and explore multiple options for mitigating that overpopulation. A realm split will be executed only if Blizzard feels that the procedure represents the best option for addressing population-related issues.

What are the benefits to a realm split?

When a realm reaches maximum player capacity, gameplay becomes adversely affected. By dividing a realm’s population between two realms, we’re able to create a more stable, more enjoyable environment for all affected characters, which in turn contributes to a much more satisfactory World of Warcraft experience for everyone.

Are any other measures being taken to avoid forcing a realm split?

Yes. One measure is to raise the player caps for all realms when The Burning Crusade launches. This will be possible in part because of the hardware upgrades that we’ve worked to put in place since the original launch. In addition, our programmers regularly review our realm code to identify better ways to maximize performance as a realm’s population increases. Furthermore, as we have in the past, we will initiate a free character move (to realms designated by Blizzard) before resorting to a realm split.

Will I be able to choose my new realm?

When a realm is chosen to undergo a split, an in-game message at the character-selection screen will prompt all affected players to choose between one of the two new realms being created. The player will be able to make this decision (or change his or her decision) up until the realm-split process has been completed. The realm that the player chooses will be the destination for all characters that the player plays on that realm.

What happens to my characters if I don’t choose?

If a realm is not chosen by the player, each character will be individually relocated to one of the two new realms based on a priority system. The system will first determine whether the character is in a guild and move the character based on the destination of the guild’s leader. If the character is not in a guild, the system will then check if the character is part of an arena team and move the character accordingly. If these conditions do not apply, Blizzard will make the decision for the character(s).

Is it possible to send my characters to different realms?

If a player does not provide us with his or her preference, and allows the priority system described above to individually process the
relocation of each character, then it is possible to have characters become divided between the two new realms. Manually selecting a realm during the selection period will ensure that all characters from a single account on the affected realm will relocate together.

Does providing my realm preference guarantee my destination?

We will do our best to accommodate everyone’s realm preference, but if manual realm selections result in one of the two new realms being overpopulated, we may need to move some of the population to a different realm.

What happens to my Friends and Ignore lists?

The characters on a player’s Friend and Ignore lists will remain, provided those characters moved to the same realm.

Will items in the mail or auction house become lost?

These items will be moved with each character.

During the time of a realm split, will the Paid Character Transfer service still be available?

Yes. Players will still have the option to transfer their characters using the Paid Character Transfer service.

Will the transfer of my character(s) from the realm being split count toward the transfer “cooldown,” affecting my ability to transfer elsewhere using the Paid Character Transfer service?

No. Characters moved through the realm-split process will not activate the transfer cooldown.

What if I don’t like the new realm? Am I stuck there?

All players will have the same opportunity that they normally would to transfer the characters they play on an affected realm to a new realm using the Paid Character Transfer service.

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